Reese 66557 Light Weight Distributing Kit

Reese 66557 Light Weight Distributing Kit

More info about “Reese 66557 Light Weight Distributing Kit”

Product Features

  • Designed with tapered spring bars for a softer ride and friction material used for stay control provides a quiet ride
  • Will fit 6″ frames w/bottom mount couplers, optional mounting for V-Nose trailers
  • Includes hitch bar; Hitch ball not included
  • No drilling required

Product Description

Reese® Elite®, R16, Select Series®, Sidewinder®, Titan®, Revolution®, Goosebox®, and Strait Line® and “SC®” (active sway control) weight distribution systems are some of the best heavy duty towing and trailer control products available today. Since 1952 the Reese brand has lead the trailer towing industry with proven designs that exceed the industry standards and is the “brand of choice” when performance is the expectation. Known for a tradition of “Pioneering Performance,” Reese® is the perfect selection for all of your heaviest towing needs.

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